Welcome to Antoxis

Antoxis is a pre-clinical drug discovery company that utilises its patented Kromex™ chemistry scaffold to generate New Chemical Entities (NCE) targeting a number of high-value clinical indications.

This innovative Kromex™ scaffold is developed from an in-depth knowledge of free radical biology and redox chemistry and protects over 100 Million compounds. This Kromex™ NCE library contains molecules with potential to modulate a broad spectrum of oxidative stress associated diseases and conditions that involve mitochondrial dysfunction.  

Antoxis is currently focusing its efforts on a sub-set of Kromex™ compounds that show rapid mito-targeting (minutes), potent mito-activity (100 fold greater than competing agents) and long term stability within the cell (48 h). 

With patent grants in a number of key territories including the US, Antoxis lead compounds can be separated into two potent drug families:

(i) Oxidative stress inhibitors associated with mitochondrial dysfunction

Proxison™ - a powerful co-treatment that maximizes the clinical outcomes of regenerative medicine therapies (cell quality and cell numbers). 

Proxison™ compounds are also being developed for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

(ii) Mitochondrial redox modulators for the (co-therapy) treatment of drug-resistant cancer

Oncamex™ shows drug synergy with a number of cancer therapies and when used in combination can reverse cell line resistance to treatments